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The vital cycle of the organizational culture of the trading enterprises. DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-1

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Enterprise economic security in concept of process management. DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-2

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Definition of the strategy for financial provision of recovery in fixed assets of machine-building enterprises.
DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-3

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Current trends of dezintegration processes in the EU. DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-4

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Formation of strategy for increasing level of use of production potential of machine-building enterprise on the basis of object-oriented approach. DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-5

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Options for integration of Ukraine’s economy to the economy of EU. DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-6

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Social Institutions and Economic Growth. DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-7

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Improvement of the staff motivation system in Ukrainian travel companies in the context of foreign experience and cultural perspective. DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-8

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Global trends of wealth accumulation as a reflection implemented development potential of modern macroeconomic system.  DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-9

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Stages of actor’s economic interest reconstruction in conditions of their dynamic transformation.
DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-10

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Socially responsible investment in the foreign practice application. DOI 10.32342/2616-3853-2017-1-10-11