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Nobel Economic Herald #1(7)2014


Nobel M.

The Dynamite King and the Russian Rockfellers - Alfred Nobel and His Two Brothers

Ryazanov D., Korskova l , Savushkina I, Selivanov A, Tyutyunnic V

Nobel laureate in economics - heroes of an anniversary of 2014

 Amelina Iu.

Model of creating the optimal range of organic vegetable and berry proction in greenhouses

 Aristarov Y.,Scherbyna I. 

The level of competitiveness of domestic high-alloyed production and the prospects of its increasing

 Bartashevskaya Yu.

The choice of the method for minimizing investment risk of enterprise

Bieletsky W.

Gamification - Learning by Doing Fun?

Belyaeva S.

Economic theory of clubs and public choice in the context of a balanced development of society

Bolgar T.

Problem credits of banks as a result of credit risk implementation 

Bukharina L.

The process of managment and self-organization of regional socio-economic system

Vakarchuk T.

State regulation and forecasting of development of national economy 

Vakulich M.

Monitoring of the Ukraine's economy investment climate

Varenik V.

Diagnostic analysis of the monetary flows of the national economy

Garkusha O.,  Smyrnov E.

Comprehesive estimation of balanced development of the winery enterprises: scientific-methodological aspect

Garmider L.

Assessment of interst parties' satisfaction of staff potencial development of trading enterprises

Glukha G.

Direct foreign investments in the economic growth context

Golovko L.

Human capital as the resource for economic development 

Grankin O., Zhytnyzkiy A.

Activization of rubber recycling in Ukraine

Guzeyev O.

On exchange motives and anticipation the course of trading 

Dolyatovsky V., Grechko M.

Scientific sector of generation of knowledge: state and prospects in the condtions of transition to innovative model

 Donets L., Sergeeva A.

Scientific and methodological tools for management of the economic stability of the enterprise to risk

 Dubinskiy S.

Strategic development of social spheres in industrial enterprises 

Dulska I.

State-private-public partnership for development of Ukraine national satellite communication system

 Johnson R. Royd

Testing cultural intelligence of Ukrainian students

 Zhukov E.

Key tasks of modernization sustainable socio-economic development of the state

 Zadoia A.

Domestic aggregate demand: structure and dynamics

 Zlotnikov A.

Demographic problems in the concept of Nobel laureate in economics

 Zlotnikova L.

Social and economic contradictions of common goods production

 Karaseva L.

On the issue of nationality and irrattionality of the choice of business running subjects

 Keshenkova N.

Genesis of the "Indirect investment theory" development 

 Klimova  N.

Innovation and technological factors - the basis of the growth of Russiian economics

 Klimovich N.

Features and specifity of scientific and technological activities in Ukraine

 Kolodko G.

New pragmatism - future economy and policy

 Kostenko T.

Basic directions of innovative factor using for improving labor productivity

 Kraus N.

Intitutional features of forming and strategic priorities for development of domestic innovation system

 Kuznetsova S.

Integrated management reporting: global challeges and local solutionsin the era of the noosphere

 Kuzmenko O.

Grounding methodological approaches to evaluating the resource potential of the enterprise

 Kuzminov S.

Difficulty of modeling of economic growth in the post-industrial  economy

 Kukhtin E., Klochko V.

The pholosophy of economic evolution: economic cycles

 Lymonova E.

A review of current trends in cross-borders M&A

 Magdich A.

Vectors of transformation of economic growth model in CEE

 Mal'kova T.

Accounting categories in the Bible and in the Koran

 Orlova V.

Innovation activity of enterprises in the context of strategic management

Ortina G.

Clustering as for example anti-crisis strategy economics development

 Osetskyi V, Krasota O.

Social vector of knowledge economy development

 Pavlova V.

On the problems of e-commerce development in Ukraine

Partin G.

Strategic management of the investment climate in Ukrainian economy: main problems and respectives

 Petrunya Y.

A competitive  environment features and antitrust regulation in the retail food trade

 Pis'mennaja O.

Cyclic fenomena in uranium mining in Ukraine and their analysis

 Ryzhkova G.

Features and prospects of marketing communications development in Ukraine

 Romanenko G.

The sources of formation of investment potential

 Seleznev A.., Cherednichenko L.

Resources of innovative development 

Sergeeva O.

Local self-government in the processes of society democratization in Ukraine

 Sharma Akhilesh

Impact of social laws on viable economic growth

 Sytnyk N.

Features of modernization of financial and economic system of Ukraine commodity turn sphere

Taranenko Y.,Rizun N., Gudim M.

 Dynamic simulation model of Leontief's interbranch balance balance 

Tarasevich V.

About evolution and pecularities of state capitalism 

Tkachenko V.

Institutional approach to self-governing organization of complex socio-economic systems

Tulai O.

State-budget policy effectiveness in the priorities context of sustainable human development 

 Tutaeva Y.

Theretical aspects of electronic commerce and information network economy in their connection

Fillipov Yu., Korpan N., Tiutiunnik V.

Economic postulates in diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Fomina M.

Corruption-shadow relations: the political economy's aspect 

 Khavanova M.

Financial strategy and economic security management of automotive corporations 

 Kholodova O.

Marketing component of the development and improvement for the industrial banking enterprise

 Chernyaeva I.

 The new financial theory basis

 Shvez V.

Analysis of investment climate in Ukrainian economy and ways of its improvement

 Shkliaeva G.

Interactive marketing communications in the management of enterprise

Yaremenko S.

Effects of marketing communication impact for consumers


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